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WarmHeart Worldwide operates its foundation by the following Henry Ford quote:
Coming together is a beginning,
keeping together is progress,
working together is success.

And this is exactly why we chose to become partners with them!


Situated in the mountains of Northern Thailand, Warm Heart is a non-profit community development organization serving rural Thais and indigenous hill tribes. Arising from community needs, it has developed and manage a multitude of projects.


Phrao, where Warm Heart is located, is one of the poorest rural areas in Thailand. The motivation was to provide education and training to offer an alternative to a life of poverty, or worse.


Taking in abandoned and abused children with no hope for a future, Warm Heart provides a safe, loving home, nourishing meals, tutors and an opportunity to attend school.


Currently they have over 40 children living in the Children’s Homes, another 20 away at technical high schools, and in college. They also sponsor 20 children at the Ton Roong elementary school for hill tribe children nearby.


The Environmental and Sustainable Agriculture Program provides training and demonstrations of new crops and farming methods; these include making Biochar to improve soil and crop yields while reducing the health hazards of smoke and greenhouse gasses in the air. Other programs include the Microenterprise Project which creates jobs in weaving, sewing, jewelry making; the Public Health Project provides wellness programs for the disabled and elderly, visiting them in their homes and taking them to doctor’s appointments.