The birth of Ruhral

Samanta Khalil

I decided to do some soul searching in October of 2015. That consisted of a one-way ticket booked to Phuket, Thailand all by myself. Little did I know that that would be the shortest trip abroad I would ever take. 

I landed in Phuket at 4am, and arrived to my Airbnb by 5:30am. Fast forward a few hours, and around 3pm I was flying off a cliff on a bicycle. Ended up in a hospital with a broken pelvic bone and an array of bruises, cuts, and scars all over my body which would soon come to be my worst enemies. And on a flight the next day heading back home to recover and receive proper care.

You would think that the pelvic bone fracture was the worst of all my injuries but I disagree. The trauma that was caused by the punctures and gashes from the trees branches that I fell through were the worst as they left the most unsightly scars all over my shoulders and back. To the point that I had not been able to comfortably wear tank tops ever since. 

And thus began my (now) 3 years and counting journey to finding the perfect natural remedy to solve my scar problem. Which in turn unveiled my love and passion for finding herbs and plants that benefit skin issues. Stay tuned here to see what I try (or have tried) and how it helped.

Please feel free to share your stories with me, and even any remedies that have or haven't worked for you!