Connect modern cosmetic consumers with rural communities, in ways that support their farmers, and infuse products with the spirit of their all-natural, traditional remedies.

Ruhral creates all-naturals products with traditional formulas and ingredients unique to the communities and regions we source from.

Now, you didn’t think we were just going to take these decade-old beauty secrets and walk away, did you?

Of course not!

The core of our mission is to sustain a strong, collaborative connection with our suppliers and manufacturers. Every bottle, jar, and package sold returns 10% of the product price to non-profit organizations from those products’ origins. Read up on our partners below for details on who receives these funds and how they’re put to use in creating jobs, educational opportunities, and resources to the communities we work with.

Turmeric Face Scrub

Turmeric Face Scrub

We have concocted a face scrub blend including Turmeric from Thailand. Turmeric is a magical ingredient, it is equipped with an array of anti inflammatory benefits for those pesky blemishes to f*@% off! We also added Honey, for a complexion boost and beautiful glow. With ingredients like that I think it’s safe to say that this scrub sure does pack a punch for all the nastiness that tends to cling to our skin.

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Tamarind Hand & Foot Scrub

Tamarind Hand & Foot Scrub

This little bottle in your hands is packed with a ton of Tamarind which is known to be a magical ingredient for your skin from South Asia…and then to make things even more…sticky, we threw in some honey! We promise this gooey brown stuff will leave rough hands and feet soft, touchable and silky smooth!

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Although we are focused on Thailand, we begin our journey to India on January 24th, 2018. Check out our Instagram to follow how we're forming new friendships and partnerships in all our efforts to bring the farm’s beauty to your face :)

WarmHeartWorldwide Logo 

WarmHeart Worldwide operates its foundation by the following Henry Ford quote:
Coming together is a beginning,
keeping together is progress,
working together is success.
And this is exactly why we chose to become partners with them!

Situated in the mountains of Northern Thailand they manage and develop a multitude of projects for assisting villagers in developing their farming skills, they also provide orphans food and shelter along with transportation to/from school, and not to mention an after school program for them to develop english language skills which would provide them with greater career opportunities for a brighter future.

Warm Heart was initially started as a community development project in Phrao, one of the poorest areas in Thailand. The motivation was to provide education and training to offer an alternative to a life of poverty, or worse. But they soon found themselves taking in abandoned and abused children, children without hope for a future.

Currently they have 46 children living in the Children’s Homes, 5 away at Technical High Schools, and 5 in college. They also sponsor 21 children at Ton Roong school, a Government run boarding school. But the boarding is weekdays only, so WHW provides care for them over the weekends when their classmates return to their homes. These children have no home to return to.
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How does the giving-back system work?

We have a giving back system in place. We have partnered with organizations from every region our products are from. 10% of every product purchased goes back to the people of the region that it was created in. Example: If you purchase the Tamarind or Turmeric Scrub (Sourced from Lamphun, Thailand), 10% of its proceeds go to an organization called: WarmHeart Worldwide, based in the Phrao District of Northern Thailand.

What are the forms of payment you accept?

We accept US based credits cards. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

I received the "Your credit card cannot be charged at this time" message but my card was still charged. Why?

When your card is reviewed and declined, the funds are placed on hold instead of completing the transaction. Your funds will return to your bank in 3-5 business days. If you do not see the funds back in your account after that time, please contact your bank for further information.

Do you accept money orders?

No, we do not accept money orders. We require all orders to be placed over the website with a valid US credit card.

Do you accept gift cards?

No, we only accept US based credit cards.

Can you provide me a discount code for my order?

Our discounts are applied during promotions. Please follow us on our social media pages or sign up to our Newsletter for announcements on upcoming promotions.

What if I had an allergic reaction to your product?

We recommend discontinue use immediately and contact your physician. They can provide you details on what ingredient you may have had a reaction to.

After I place my order, when will my order ship?

All orders have a 1-2 business day lead time upon receipt of order. Shipping method applies after order has shipped. Please Note: Orders placed during a holiday or promotion will have an approximate lead time of 3-4 business days upon receipt of order. Shipping method applies after order has shipped.

The tracking shows the package was delivered but I didn't receive my package. What if I have a lost or stolen package?

Once an order has shipped, Ruhral is not responsible for lost or stolen packages confirmed to be delivered to the address as entered for the order. Please contact the shipping carrier for any information regarding the delivery. Have your tracking number available to provide to the carrier to assist with the investigation. Once an order has shipped and tracking becomes available, we recommend the receiver be available on the estimated date of arrival of the package or the receiver to contact the carrier to schedule a pick up at the holding facility.

Do you ship internationally?

All orders ship within the United States, Puerto Rico or to the Virgin Islands. We do not ship internationally at this time.